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Chris Gregory
“Throughout my life I have kept to a relatively conventional path; school, job, house, marriage, children etc. Yet despite following the guidance of those around me, I felt as if I was missing something.

When I first stumbled across Nic’s mentoring program whilst mindlessly browsing the internet, I was both frustrated in my career and emotionally detached from those around me. Although the thought of change scared me, I knew I needed to take the plunge and sign up.

Making this decision has certainly been one of the best choices I’ve made. I was initially concerned that the program would be too extreme. I had visions of Nic instructing me to immediately quit my job or to run off to a mountain top somewhere. The reality was, fortunately, quite different. The changes Nic required of me were subtle and easy to follow. Through a very intuitive approach, Nic introduced simple exercises that helped me to develop more positive daily habits and a much better outlook on life.

This course is by no means a simple quick fix. It requires both commitment and discipline. But if you want to change your life and you’re willing to put in the effort, working with Nic is the best place to start.”
John Lambeth
“The search for clarity and self improvement has led me down many different roads. Fully diving into this Liberation Mentorship Program with Nic Gregoriades has been completely life changing!

Many of, us as men, want an immediate ego-affirming change to occur instantly whenever we make an effort to improve ourselves.

The process of beginning the removal of bad habits, the building of positive habits, the intentional tracking of the actions, and the adherence to checking in with Nic all combined to rewire my mind to take full accountability for every aspect of where I am in life and where I am aiming to go.

All of this is done in sincerity and honesty which brings forth a feeling of true freedom that I have never experienced prior to this program!

This program requires honest work, as anything worthwhile does, but the simplicity of Nic’s instructions and guidance makes it all come together.

My family, friends, and acquaintances have been confirming this with their observations of the positive changes in me.

Priceless guidance and lasting life change are yours to claim through working with Nic.”
Ric Romagnano

"I followed Nic's guidance and can testify to his commitment to the well being of others. 

The methods used in his program are practical and easy to follow and produced a marked impact on my perception of life and how to tackle its challenges. 

Coupled with Nic's encouraging and positive approach, i strongly recommend this to anyone looking to improve their situation and learn a lot along the way. Thanks Nic!"

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