The Creative Man VS The Destructive Man
Written by Nic Gregoriades on Feb. 22nd 2019
The creative man is alive from within and is inner directed. He does not require external stimuli to feel alive, and so his relationship to the world is healthy, deep and real...
The Devil is in The Distraction
Written by Nic Gregoriades on Mar. 1st 2019
Late last year I hit a wall. For reasons unknown to me then, I couldn’t seem to break through plateaus in a few aspects of my life including my business, my fitness and several close relationships...
Ayhuasca - Soul Medicine
Written by Nic Gregoriades on Mar. 1st 2019
Ayahuasca and other plant medicines are profoundly powerful and potentially life-changing substances. They are however, not without risks and should be approached with great respect.
Life Tastes Better with Meditation
Written by Nic Gregoriades on Mar. 1st 2019
There’s a gift waiting for you. This gift is worth more than anything you will ever own, and yet you could not purchase it with all the money in the world. It is a blessing beyond quantification.

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